About Our Charter Schools

After successfully replicating our first Brilla charter school, Seton is committed to launching additional schools in New York City and, potentially, elsewhere. Each of our new schools will be modeled on Brilla College Prep, a school inspired by the classical education tradition that aims to help students grow intellectually, socially, and physically into young men and women of good character and spirit; to be prepared for high school, college, and beyond; and to be lifelong seekers of truth, beauty, and goodness. These six cornerstones upon which Brilla was built will shape each new school:

  • High Expectations. Because we believe in the inherent dignity and potential of every child, we have high expectations for our students’ academic achievement and conduct that make no excuses based on their backgrounds or socio-economic status.

  • Lead with Character. Good character makes for a meaningful life and produces lasting personal and social happiness. As a result, the development of the virtues of justice, good judgment, self-control, courage, and kindness in students is a central part of our educational mission.

  • Results Matter. Seton schools relentlessly focus on high student performance on standardized tests and other objective measures because we hold ourselves accountable for helping students develop personally and academically in ways that will enable them to succeed at the nation's best high schools and colleges.

  • Choice and Commitment. Students, their parents, and the faculty of a Seton school choose to participate in the program. No one is assigned or forced to attend a Seton school. Everyone must make and uphold a commitment to the school and to each other to put in the time and effort required to achieve success.

  • More Time. There are no shortcuts. Only with increased instructional time and more time on task will students be able to acquire the academic knowledge, skills, and habits that will prepare them for success in college and in life.

  • Teach the Best Content. All Seton students will learn math and science while also becoming familiar with the literary and philosophical classics of Western Civilization, because of the way the traditional liberal arts convey truth, beauty, and goodness, and because children need the world’s best content in order to become good citizens and be competitive globally.

With these cornerstones, we aim to nurture a well-rounded Brilla graduate:

  1. Dignified - Brilla graduates celebrate the inherent dignity of self and others, constantly working to develop as persons of strong moral character (Spirit)
  2. Relational - Brilla graduates are strong communicators and collaborators; they positively influence their family, school, and community (Social)
  3. Classical - Brilla graduates love and appreciate great works, examine diverse and complex perspectives, and extol Truth, Beauty, and Goodness (Classical)
  4. Expert - Brilla graduates develop expertise in areas aligned to their gifts and talents through exposure to a broad range of knowledge (Intellectual)
  5. Integral - Brilla graduates appreciate the arts, physical health, and other non-academic opportunities as critical to developing the whole person: mind, body, and soul (ALL)
  6. Purposeful - Brilla graduates understand their individual gifts and are motivated to use these gifts to serve others