Senior Director of Instruction and Professional Development, Brilla Schools Network

The education we want for our own child, that must we want for all the children of the community. Anything less is unlovely, and left unchecked, destroys our democracy.

- John Dewey

Jen Gowers serves as the senior director of instruction and professional development for the Brilla Schools Network. She believes that the world will thrive when our youth thrive, and considers it a great privilege to work in solidarity with a team that is deeply committed to uplifting the dignity and spirit of young people. Prior to joining Brilla, Jen served as the executive director for ACT, the youth non-profit at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, as well as the managing director of literacy for Ascend Public Charter Schools, the director of curriculum for Equality Charter School, and in several roles as a senior educational consultant (with New Visions for Public Schools, with Teaching Matters). In her early career, she served as an English teacher in the South Bronx and is delighted to return to service in the Bronx. While completing her doctorate in education at Teachers College, Columbia University, she had the opportunity to simultaneously teach and support master’s students of education. Jen received her master’s degree in education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and her bachelor’s degrees in English and in elementary education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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