Senior Manager of Alumni Schools, Blended Learning Network

Go forth, and set the world on fire.

- St. Ignatius of Loyola

Matthew Gaimari is the senior manager of alumni schools for Seton’s Blended Learning Network. As a native of Chicago, Matt is excited to be home after over a decade of experience in a variety of education settings and roles around the country. Most recently, Matt supported teachers as the Curriculum Specialist for Social Studies for Green Dot Public Schools and Director of Culture/Achievement for Teach For America in Memphis, Tennessee. Prior to that, Matt spent time tutoring and counseling international students in Washington, D.C., after beginning his career as a Teach For America corps member in Phoenix, Arizona. He taught in the desert for seven years as both a middle school English and high school history teacher at Brophy College Preparatory. Matt studied at Boston College and has a bachelor of arts in history.

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