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A rapidly
accelerating crisis

More than 1,400 Catholic schools have closed in the last decade.

As this trend continues, children in underserved communities will be left with few—if any—options beyond the failing public schools in their neighborhoods.

A proven
national effort

Seton Education Partners expands opportunities for parents in underserved communities to choose an academically excellent, character rich, and—for those who seek it—vibrantly Catholic education for their children through creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, talented leadership, and public dollars.   

See Our Results

Academically Excellent


Academically Excellent

Brilla scholars grew 1.5 times faster than the national average in both reading and math.

Character Rich


Character Rich

Over 70% of our parents report that their children repeatedly demonstrate behavior in line with our four core virtues of wisdom, justice, courage, and self-control.

Vibrantly Catholic


Vibrantly Catholic

236 children have been baptized into the Catholic Church.

We Nurture


Independent charter and Catholic schools that provide whole-child education.


Engaging faith formation enriching the lives of families no matter their zip code.

Modern-Day Missionaries

Our post-graduate mission brings the Gospel to children and families with love.

Blended Learning Resources Website

Innovation & Partnership

Resources tested and perfected through a decade’s worth of pioneering work.

Our Innovation Featured in:

It's up to you.

Will you partner with us to change the lives of children and families today?


Support our mission to nurture the mind, body, and spirit of every child.


Become a member of a talented team of people who lead with excellence and love.

The Latest

Seton Education Partners Appoints Aaron Brenner as CEO

After co-founding Seton and for 10 years leading the organization, Stephanie Saroki de Garcia will be stepping down from the Managing Director role at the end of this fiscal year. Following her transition, Stephanie will support Seton’s continued growth as a board member and by taking on a new position as Chief Evangelist.

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