Our people are our greatest asset. We bring together the nation’s best talent—a diverse team of faith-filled leaders committed to educational justice and Catholic evangelization. Our people are at the top of the field in education and beyond; they are passionate for our mission; and they leverage their expertise to lead with excellence and love.  

Aaron Brenner

General Partner

Ale Slingerland

School Enrollment Manager, Romero Academy Network

Alexandra Burchfiel

Director of Strategic Initiatives, Brilla Schools Network

Ali Apfel

Assistant Superintendent, Middle Schools, Brilla Schools Network

Ana Vasquez

El Camino Middle School Program Leader

Andrew Ketchum

Instructional Specialist, Character Formation, Brilla Schools Network

Catherine Birri

Executive Assistant, Brilla Schools Network

Charles Bozian

Deputy CFO/COO, Brilla Paterson

Christina Reyes

Network Operations Coordinator, Brilla Schools Network

Christine Warner

Director of Marketing & Engagement

Claire Dwyer

STEM Instructional Specialist, Elementary, Brilla Schools Network

Clare Fay

Recruitment Associate, Seton Teaching Fellows

Colleen Vaughn

Billing & Data Associate, Brilla Schools Network

Cynthia Valencia

Director of El Camino & Seton Teaching Fellows, Brillante

Daniel Palombo

Finance Associate, New York

David Mata

El Camino Program Leader

David Morales

Senior Director of Data Management & Analytics, Brilla Schools Network

Elizabeth Reckart

Senior Director of Marketing and Engagement

Elliot Hachey

Recruitment Associate, Brilla Schools Network

Emilia Chornay

Director of Formation, Seton Teaching Fellows

Emily Brooks

Senior. Director of Instruction, Brilla Schools Network

Emily Gilbride

Executive Director, Romero Academy Network

Emma Matheson

Special Projects Manager, Romero Academy Network

Evan Vautour

Recruitment Associate, Seton Teaching Fellows

Hannah Lafiosca

Recruitment Coordinator, Brilla Schools Network

Jack Morgan

Recruitment Associate, Seton Teaching Fellows

Jacob Coonradt

Recruitment Manager, Seton Teaching Fellows

Jenny Garcia

El Camino Program Leader

Jenny Kibrick

Formation Manager, Seton Teaching Fellows

Jessica Lovinsky

Senior Director of Student Services, Brilla Schools Network

Jhonell Williams

Network Director of Operations - Brilla Schools Network

Jill Limongi

Chief of Staff, Brilla Schools Network

Joe Dobrynski

Director of Engagement, Seton Teaching Fellows

Jolleen Wagner

Chief Formation Officer Deputy & Executive Director, Brilla Paterson, Brilla Schools Network

Juliana Odame-Arhin

Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Brilla Schools Network

Katie Hernandez Akers

Director of Talent, Brillante and Seton Teaching Fellows

Kayla Keller

Director of Staffing, Seton Teaching Fellows

Kenneth Burchfiel

Senior Data Analyst

Kevin Hanratty

Sr. Director of Human Resources and Risk Assessment

Laura Barron

Curriculum and Instruction Manager, Brilla Schools Network

Lena McGovern

El Camino Program Leader

Logan Amster

Finance Associate, New Jersey

Margaret Rippe

Assistant Elementary Superintendent, Brilla Schools Network

Maria Valencia

Senior Director of El Camino, Brilla Schools Network

Mary Grace Lewis

Talent Systems & Operations Manager

Matt Salvatierra

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Carbone

Chief Schools Officer

Olivia Lang

National Operations Manager

Patrick Sitzer

Instructional Specialist for Middle School Humanities, Brilla Schools Network

Rachelly Crime

Director of Enrollment, Brilla Schools Network

Reyes Claudio

Chief Operations and Community Relations Officer, Brilla Schools Network

Ruby Amezquita

Senior Director of Talent & Recruitment, Brilla Schools Network

Sandra Céspedes

Deputy Director of Enrollment, Brilla Schools Network

Shanelle County

Senior Director of Curriculum & Assessment, Brilla Schools Network

Stephanie Frias

Director of Talent, Brilla Schools Network

Stephanie Saroki de García

Co-founder & Managing Director

Tanicqua Pryor

Instructional Specialist for Elementary Humanities, Brilla Schools Network

Tess Lane

Chief of Seton Teaching Fellows

Tony Crnkovich

Recruitment Associate, Brilla Schools Network

Trevor Sorensen

Director of Finance

Yeime Valle

Executive Director, Brilla Schools Network

Zoranlly Burgos

Director of Academic Intervention