Our Mission

College & Heaven

Seton Education Partners expands opportunities for parents in underserved communities to choose an academically excellent, character rich, and—for those who seek it—vibrantly Catholic education for their children.

As a national non-profit, Seton partners with (arch)dioceses and others across the country to implement innovative and sustainable models that bridge the best of Catholic education’s rich tradition with new possibilities. Seton was born of the belief that a tremendous opportunity exists to revitalize urban Catholic schools in America and strengthen the education they provide. The challenges are significant, to be sure, but with an entrepreneurial spirit that embraces innovation, much can and should be done, not only to preserve this national treasure but also to build on its foundation for the benefit of thousands of children in America’s most underserved neighborhoods.

What Guides Us

Seton is motivated by the following conclusions:

  1. Catholic schools in America’s inner cities provide an invaluable service to our nation’s most vulnerable children;
  2. The history, scale, and competitive force of urban Catholic schools are far too important—for families and for our free society—to let slip away; and
  3. A tremendous opportunity exists with both technology and public charter schooling to develop new, “break the mold” approaches to achieving the goals of urban Catholic education, making it a competitive, viable, and thriving option for Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

Ultimately, Seton hopes to preserve and expand Catholic schooling’s rich tradition of discipline, character formation, and high academic achievement for all students, regardless of background. Will you join us in this mission with your prayers and support?


Three things set Seton apart from other education organizations:

  1. Whole-child Education: In all of Seton’s schools, we provide outstanding classical education that nurtures the mind, body, and soul while honoring the legitimate role of parents as the first educators.
  2. Talent: Our diverse team is comprised of highly effective, principled people who lead with love.
  3. Formation: In partnership with local parishes and religious orders, we offer every family joyful Catholic evangelization and rich virtue formation for their children.

We call these distinguishing features Seton’s “three uniques,” the drivers behind our success.


Our Catholic Identity Anchors Our Core Values

As a Catholic organization, our plans and actions are anchored in the Catholic Church and its cornerstone, Jesus Christ. Recognizing the beauty inherent in the Catholic tradition, we are faithful to and celebrate the Church’s teachings. We strive, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to bring ourselves and others closer to Jesus and His Church in everything we do. When making any critical decision, the most important question we ask is: “What is the right thing to do for our children, families, and Church?”

Our four Core Values guide our work, creating unity of purpose and action at Seton:


We align our actions with our convictions in all we do, and we accept personal responsibility when they don’t—always in a spirit of humility and mercy.

This is how we become whole.

high expectations

We are all capable of excellence, and we expect nothing less from ourselves, our colleagues, and the families and children we serve. In our pursuit of excellence, we overcome setbacks with resilience and hope.

This is how we grow into apostles of Christ.


We measure our success by the results we achieve—in partnership with our children, families, and Church. When we fail, we admit our mistakes, learn from them, adapt our actions, and try again until we succeed. We balance this mindset of continuous improvement with the recognition that we are not alone in our work; we must do our part and entrust the rest to God.

This is how we become holy.


As Scripture teaches, we believe it takes many parts to form One Body. Thus, we bring our God-given talents to advance the work of all of Seton, never losing sight of the broader aims of the whole organization. As One Seton, animated by One Spirit, we heed the call to solidarity—recognizing that we live in community and must work in unity for the common good.

This is how we connect to all humanity and to God’s creation.

Each of our Core Values is rooted in Jesus Christ, His Church, and the Holy Spirit. Each is an expression of our Catholic faith—always refining it, never contradicting it; always in a spirit of humility, not contestation.