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Seton Teaching Fellows is a one or two-year postgraduate mission opportunity that brings the living Gospel and the beauty of the Catholic faith to children and families in underserved communities. Fellows rely on both time-tested and innovative methods that help the children and families they serve, as well as their peers, to evangelize with the love of Christ the Teacher. At the same time, they participate in their own holistic formation by accompanying, developing, and challenging each other, striving to serve with the mind, heart, and spirit of Christ the Teacher.

“Each of our fellows sign up to love.”
-Yeime Valle, Chief of Programs

Missionaries Bound to Love

Claire Fellow Alum

“This opportunity has been truly life changing. I will be forever grateful for the amazing organization that is Seton Education Partners❤️” 
– Claire, 6th cohort

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“I’ve been able to experience the true meaning of the Proverb, ‘As iron is sharpened by iron; one person sharpens another.’ Living in community has allowed me to grow deeper in my faith, learn from others, and bring others to know and love Jesus Christ.”
– Connor, 6th cohort

Buckle up and get ready for probably the most exhilarating ride.”
– Jacelyn, 5th cohort

Are you ready to share the Gospel, grow in your faith, and answer the call to love?

The Latest from Seton Teaching Fellows

What Does it Mean to be a Teacher? A Meditation

Thomas May is a Cohort 8 Seton Teaching Fellow serving at Brilla College Prep Middle School in the Bronx, New York. He attended Thomas Aquinas College where he studied the classical liberal arts. In this short piece, read Thomas’s reflection on teaching, his thoughts on awakening the gifts of students through education, and his experience of learning how to be Christlike in the classroom.

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The Cult of Efficiency

In this short piece, read Emily Kling’s reflection on rest, and how God has revealed to her the nature of rest in the modern world not only through her own academic study of our faith, but also her through work with her disciples as a Seton Teaching Fellow.

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“Come, Holy Spirit…”

“Come, Holy Spirit, teach me how to pray.” I still remember the night this one-liner became firmly etched in my mind. It was a Monday night in Auburn, the spring semester of my junior year. Every Monday night, we had adoration and afterwards, we would listen to campus ministry announcements and have a social hour. After the announcements, the leaders would ask for a volunteer to close us in prayer. On this particular Monday night, after a moment of silence, a young man volunteered to lead. He began with the Sign of the Cross, then said, “Come, Holy Spirit, teach me how to pray.”

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Seton Teaching Fellows was founded as a complement to another Seton program, El Camino: an extended-day faith and enrichment program created to serve children in The Bronx. Since its founding, the Fellows program has grown within The Bronx and beyond to Cincinnati, OH, supporting El Camino as well as various Seton network schools.

Fellows are truly modern-day missionaries, impacting the academic, character, and spiritual development of children in underserved communities—preparing them for college and heaven. As a Fellow, you receive incredible teaching experience in a high-performing school, professional mentorship, and spiritual formation while serving others and living simply in a supportive Catholic community.

Three pillars drive the program: Faith, Education and Community


Fellows grow spiritually in their faith through weekly formation, prayer and reflection, retreats, and the Sacraments. In turn, they catechize children in the Catholic faith and prepare them for their Sacraments.


Fellows learn how to become strong educators in a supportive learning community at a Seton network school. Fellows receive continuous professional development in how to be an outstanding teacher.

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Fellows live in the community of their placement school, alongside the children and families they serve. Grounded in an intentional, faith-based community of mission-driven peers, Fellows learn how to live for the other. Housing and a modest stipend are provided.

Are you ready to share the Gospel, grow in your faith, and answer the call to love?