Seton Teaching Fellows

Loving and evangelizing each person before us, with the heart, mind, and spirit of Christ the Teacher.

Seton Teaching Fellows is a one or two-year postgraduate mission opportunity that brings the living Gospel and the beauty of the Catholic faith to children and families in underserved communities. Fellows rely on both time-tested and innovative methods that help the children and families they serve, as well as their peers, to evangelize with the love of Christ the Teacher. At the same time, they participate in their own holistic formation by accompanying, developing, and challenging each other, striving to serve with the mind, heart, and spirit of Christ the Teacher.

"And so, worshiping everywhere by their holy actions, the laity consecrate the world itself to God, everywhere offering worship by the holiness of their lives." -
-CCC 898-902

Missionary Apostles of Christ the Teacher

Claire Fellow Alum

“This opportunity has been truly life changing. I will be forever grateful for the amazing organization that is Seton Education Partners❤️” 
– Claire, 6th cohort

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“I’ve been able to experience the true meaning of the Proverb, ‘As iron is sharpened by iron; one person sharpens another.’ Living in community has allowed me to grow deeper in my faith, learn from others, and bring others to know and love Jesus Christ.”
– Connor, 6th cohort

Buckle up and get ready for probably the most exhilarating ride.”
– Jacelyn, 5th cohort

Are you ready to share the Gospel, grow in your faith, and answer the call to love?

The Latest from Seton Teaching Fellows

Seton Teaching Fellows discussing community formation and professional development

Made for One Another: Community on Mission

In anticipation of the dreaded senior question—”What are you doing after you graduate?”—I decided to start my job search early. I was interested in teaching, but I didn’t know where. Browser tabs began to clutter my laptop as I explored school websites and hiring pages, anxiously wondering where I might work. But by November of my senior year, the Lord was shepherding me toward His more perfect plan—the opportunity to combine a love for mission and community.

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“What Would happen if You Just Let Go of fear?”

During the spring semester of my senior year of college, I spent many weeks writing applications and cover letters to every and any local school with an opening in my licensure area. Throughout this process, I felt no peace. At every turn, there was just something in my spirit that wouldn’t settle. When I came across yet another post from STF on a Sunday morning in March, I reacted reflexively with my own plan: “God, I don’t need that, I know what I’m doing.” At that moment, pushing back on God, something changed in me. My heart finally opened to Him, and I felt Him gently say “No, you really don’t.”

For the first time, I listened to that nudge.

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For Freedom You Were Set Free: Lessons From a First Year Teacher

This special reflection comes from Cohort 9 STF Anna Stevenson. Anna, who studied English and education at the University of Dallas, shares some of the hard-earned fruits of her first year as a middle school teacher. Are you new to teaching? Wondering what education and mission work might have in store for you? See the eight lessons Anna has to share with new teachers in this blog post.

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Seton Teaching Fellows was founded to meet the need for vibrantly Catholic and zealous evangelists to support the mission of providing an excellent Catholic education to communities that lack traditional access to it. In the Bronx and in Mission, TX, STF partners with El Camino-an extended-day faith and enrichment program. In Cincinnati, our Fellows utilize the El Camino Catechesis curriculum as the theology curriculum in Romero Academies.

Since 2013, Fellows have been able to be witnesses for Christ the Teacher through their service at Seton Schools which seek to provide a rigorous, virtue-based, holistic education that provide catechetical options. Lastly, Fellows have also been witnesses for Christ the Teacher through their community living, simple lifestyle, and commitment to formation as His apostles.

Three pillars drive the program: Faith, Education and Community


Fellows grow as apostles of Christ the Teacher through their participation in an integrated lay Catholic life. Through both explicit and implicit formation directed towards this goal, the Fellows themselves grow in conformity to Christ and therefore grow in their ability to bring Him to others through their relationships and service in their apostolate. 


The apostolate of a Fellow is the opportunity to serve as an educator at a Seton network school. Through their service, Fellows learn how to become strong educators by receiving continuous professional development in the supportive learning community of their placement school.

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Fellows live in the community of their placement school, alongside the children and families they serve. Grounded in an intentional, faith-based community of mission-driven peers, Fellows learn how to grow in relationality as apostles of Christ the Teacher. Housing and a modest stipend are provided. 

Are you ready to share the Gospel, grow in your faith, and answer the call to love?