Texas Border Business: Seton’s Aaron Brenner to be honored by Teach For America with the Alumni Leadership Award

Texas Border Business featured Aaron Brenner, general partner, chief of charter school growth, and founding superintendent for Brillante Academy, who will receive this year’s Alumni Leadership award at Teach For America’s Honor Roll Gala on April 4, 2024 . The Alumni Leadership award is given to an alumnus of TFA who has positively impacted students in the Rio Grande Valley, where Aaron began his nearly three-decade career in education as a TFA corps member and second-grade teacher in 1995. This article

KRGV News: New Charter School Breaks Ground in Mission

Brillante Academy held a groundbreaking ceremony on December 9th. KRGV News gives a first look into the action that occurred that Friday in Mission, Texas.

published on December 14, 2022

NorthJersey.com: Paterson’s newest charter school picks its first students

The Paterson Press section on NorthJersey.com reacts to the city’s newest charter school, Brilla New Jersey, who started registering its first students on Monday, part of an ongoing expansion that officials say will ease overcrowding in schools run by the Paterson Board of Education.

published on December 5, 2022

Philanthropy Roundtable: Highlighting Hispanic Americans Who Are Strengthening Communities Through Private Philanthropy

The Philanthropy Roundtable highlighted how many Hispanic American organizations especially the Brilla Schools Network, seek to improve their surrounding communities by endorsing access to opportunity and creating tailored programs to aid in the success of future generations.

published on October 14, 2022

Insider NJ: NJPCSA Announces Brilla Public Charter School Coming to Paterson

The New Jersey Public Charter Schools Association (NJPCSA) endorsed the 2023 opening of Brilla Public Charter School in Paterson, New Jersey, “excited that community leaders have joined together to reimagine what a public school with a proven program and importantly designed to meet the individual needs of students in Paterson could be.”

Fordham Institute: Lessons learned from 10 years of pioneering blended learning

In the article, “Lessons learned from 10 years of pioneering blended learning” Seton former General Partner, Jeff Kerscher and Romero Executive Director, Emily Gilbride, discuss the lessons learned from pioneering and developing the first blended rotational learning Catholic school model in the country. They discuss their five major lessons learned after launching or assisting with blended learning programs over the course of more than ten years in over twenty-five schools. The article also announces the launch of a free blended learning resource website, blendedresources.org, where educators can find over 150 downloadable resources, including trainings, how-to guides, ready-to-use templates, and tips for using blended learning.

The Catholic Telegraph: God’s Graces are for Everyone: Catholic Identity at Corryville Catholic

The Catholic Telegraph, follows the story of a former Seton Teaching Fellow, John Kiernan, at Corryville Catholic in the article “God’s Graces are for Everyone: Catholic Identity at Corryville Catholic.” John began his ministry as a Seton Teaching Fellow (STF) in Romero Academy at Resurrection in Price Hill for the 2020-21 school year. While serving as a STF, John met Father Ethan Moore, and together, they created a new position at Corryville Catholic, Director of Catholic Identity, to bring to life Jesus’s love and share that love with the students, faculty, and staff of Corryville Catholic. John has been able to bring this love to life, sharing that “[a] Director of Catholic Identity may be the most crucial role within a Catholic school education because it ensures the love of Jesus Christ is introduced to His favorite people: the little ones, for ‘the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.’ (Lk. 18:16b). The future of Catholic education rests on the intentionality that is given to Catholic identity.”

‘We’re At The Peak Right Now’: What’s Next For NYC’s Charter School Developers

Bisnow’s article “‘We’re At The Peak Right Now’: What’s Next For NYC’s Charter School Developers” describes how charter schools are expanding their footprint in New York City, despite pandemic slowdowns. The article highlights how charter school demand is most prominent in areas with underperforming school districts and describes charter schools as an alternative school option for low-income families. The article continues to describe how charter school expansion is capped by the state Department of Education, and without a raise on the cap, charter school growth will be halted.

NJ Education Report: Murphy Administration Approves a New Public Charter School

In “BREAKING: Murphy Administration Approves a New Public Charter School,” the NJ Education Report announces that Brilla Charter School was approved as a new charter school in Paterson, NJ. The approval is long awaited and much welcomed, as described by the New Jersey State Board of Education Andrew Mulvihill; “[a]fter almost four years we finally have a new charter school approved. It’s crazy that, with 36,000 students on waitlists for charter schools that this administration— that speaks so often about equity for all —has done so little to facilitate one of the great equalizers, new charter schools.” The article goes on to describe how Brilla schools educate a diverse student demographic that is serviced by an equally diverse teacher demographic.

Bronx Times: Check out these charter schools for your child to attend in the Bronx

As parents are weighing their child’s educational options, charter schools are a high-quality, high-performing option for families. In the article, “Check out these charter schools for your child to attend in the Bronx,” the Bronx Times highlights Brilla Public Charter Schools, as an option for parents that prepare children in the classical tradition, helping them grow intellectually, socially and physically.

published on March 17, 2021