City Journal: Charting a Future for Catholic Education

Seton’s partner school, Mission Dolores Academy paves a new way forward for Catholic education.

published on October 15, 2012

City Journal: Charting a Future for Catholic Education

City Journal names Seton as an innovator charting the future for Catholic education.

published on October 15, 2012

Centro Brilla Pilot 2011-12

Seton releases video of its pilot Catholic faith formation program in Oakland.

published on September 27, 2012

Seattle Times: Seattle Catholic School Pins Hopes on Charter-Style Changes

The Blended Learning Initiative at St. Therese Catholic Academy takes to the front page of the Seattle Times. The article discusses how the school can save money by “raising class sizes without hiring more certificated teachers” and how the students – who used to look with envy at the equipment and textbooks they saw at other Catholic schools – “get to feel like they’re the ones who can pass along their hand-me-

published on September 3, 2012

Seattle Times: Op-Ed: Catholic Schools Could Learn from Innovation at Charter Schools

In an op-ed in the Seattle Times, Sean Kennedy discusses the impact of the Blended Learning Network, including: “lower per-pupil costs, better academic outcomes and more teacher-student interaction time.” He highlights the “16 percent spike in math proficiency and 6 percent increase in reading proficiency” while also seeing “per-pupil costs fall by 10 percent.”

published on August 20, 2012

The New York Times: To Survive, a Catholic School Retools for a Wealthier Market

The New York Times highlights one Catholic school rebranding itself to survive.

published on August 19, 2012

Jay P. Greene: The Way of the Future–Blended Catholic Schools

Education super-blogger and policy professor highlights Seton’s Blended Learning Initiative pilot at Mission Dolores Academy and calls blended learning Catholic schools “the way of the future.”

published on June 19, 2012

A Blended Learning Catholic School

Seton releases video of San Francisco’s Mission Dolores Academy as the nation’s first robust blended learning Catholic school.

published on June 15, 2012

National Catholic Reporter: ‘Blended technology’ Curriculum Holds Hope for Inner-City Parish Schools

Seton brings blended learning to Seattle’s St. Therese Catholic Academy, implementing a leading-edge technology and learning model to reverse “a half-dozen years of decline” and make the school “a financial and educational model for other parish-affiliated inner-city schools across the country,” according to the National Catholic Reporter.

published on May 16, 2012

WHYY Radio PBS/NPR: The future of Philadelphia’s Catholic schools

Seton’s Stephanie Saroki de Garcia on NPR affiliate with a national perspective on Philadelphia Catholic school closings. Download the audio piece or listen online. Hear Saroki de Garcia beginning at 35:15.

published on January 1, 2012