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Emergency Family Support Fund

Across the United States, schools, colleges—and even entire universities—are closing their doors to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Seton Education Partners serves 4,200+ children across our Brilla charter and Catholic blended learning network schools. Because many of the children we serve rely on our schools for meals, a safe place to be after-school, and other services, we have started an Emergency Family Support Fund. Seton is asking for your help to provide non-perishable food, extra educational materials, rental assistance (for those who temporarily lose their income), and other support to our most vulnerable families.

Seton will ensure 100% of donated funds will go directly to families experiencing financial hardship in response to changes in school operations as a result of COVID-19. 

In these uncertain times, we are reminded that life is fragile—and that we need God. We ask for your prayers for all those who have been affected by the coronavirus—for those who have died, become seriously ill, have suffered isolation through quarantine, who are caring for the sick, and who have been unable to make a living because of it. We thank you for your support.

General Donations

Your contribution will help us to grow our work to find financially viable ways to achieve the goals of Catholic education for the poor, helping hundreds of children make it to college and heaven. Donors to Seton are permitted to deduct contributions as provided in Section 170 of the IRS Code. Our EIN is 26-2782492.

Click below to make an online donation, or mail your check to: 1562 First Avenue, #205-2219, New York, NY 10028. 

Join Us in Prayer

Take the pledge to pray for Seton and those we serve.

Gracious Lord, I stand before You grateful for the depth of gifted and talented people You have called to Seton Education Partners. It is with these gifts and talents that Seton can respond to Your Call to love and serve Your Kingdom, particularly the children and families in Seton's schools and programs.

I turn to you, Gracious Lord, to seek Your presence in the Holy Spirit. Give Seton Education Partners the guidance and strength to be your hands and feet on earth as we work with thousands of underserved children and families.

Turn the minds and hearts of all associated with Seton Education Partners, Lord, toward Your Word as they strive to live out the gospel, as they strive to both bear and be witnesses of Your love and will.

Bestow on Seton's children and families, Your protection and care; that they may know Your name, feel Your presence, receive Your blessings and walk in faith.


Make a Planned Gift

Please contact us if you would like to make a planned gift.

Ways to Give

Bequest in Will

What is it? A gift you make by naming Seton Education Partners in your will.
Tax benefits? Estate tax deduction for the value of your bequest to Seton
Other benefits? Gives you flexibility in providing for family needs first

Living Trust

What is it? A trust you establish to take effect during your lifetime
Tax benefits? Possible savings in estate taxes if Seton is the beneficiary of the trust remainder
Other benefits? Terms of the trust can be changed at any time

Real Estate Gift

What is it? A donation of real property, either in full or with a retained life estate
Tax benefits? Immediate income tax deduction for the charitable value of the gift, plus no capital gains tax due
Other benefits? Can allow you to live in your home and still receive a charitable deduction

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust or Unitrust

What is it? A trust that pays a set or variable income to you or those you name before Seton receives the remainder
Tax benefits? Income tax savings from deduction, no capital gains tax liability, possible estate tax savings
Other benefits? Provides fixed annual income for donor or other beneficiary (annuity trust); income could increase if trust value increases (unitrust)

Life Insurance Gift

What is it? A gift of an old or new policy with Seton as the beneficiary and the owner
Tax benefits? Immediate income tax deduction for gift’s value, plus possible estate tax savings
Other benefits? Provides a way to make a significant gift with little expenditure