A Day in the Life with Mr. Elliot Hachey

Elliot Hachey is a Cohort 8 Seton Teaching Fellow hailing from Winthrop, Maine. He graduated last May from the University of New England with a Bachelor's in Psychology, Summa Cum Laude. Elliot serves with patience and virtue at Brilla College Prep Middle School in the South Bronx as an Operations fellow during the school day, and as an 8th grade catechist at the El Camino extended-day program. He agreed to let us join him during one of his days as a Seton Teaching Fellow. Watch and read along to see how the life of a Seton Teaching Fellow is filled with prayer, work, teaching, rest, and fellowship in community.

An Unexpected Gift

In 1987, Pope St. John Paul the II visited to San Antonio, Texas. With such an honored guest, the city commissioned a beautiful print of Our Lady of Guadalupe to be blessed by JPII and given out. However, there was one pallet that didn’t make it through customs.

The Transforming Effect of a Mother’s Love

Attending a new school is an adjustment for any child, but learning a new language while navigating a hearing impairment is a significant feat for a five-year-old to overcome. Yet…

Our Lady of Guadalupe: Her Impact on my Life

Stephanie Ledezma is a Cohort 8 Seton Teaching Fellow working with the Operations team at Brilla Caritas Elementary School in the North Bronx. She is an alumna of the University…

An Interview with Aaron Brenner

We sat down to interview Aaron Brenner, one of our general partners, and chief of charter school growth for new regions. In the interview, Aaron speaks on his career in…

How St. Oscar Romero’s Intercession Led Cassidy Miller to the Classroom

How St. Oscar Romero’s Intercession Led Cassidy Miller to the Classroom
Cassidy Miller, second from the left, along with three of the four other Fellows assigned to Romero Academy at Resurrection for the 2021-22 school year.

Meet Cassidy Miller, pre-K and 1st grade teacher at Romero Academy in Cincinnati. Cassidy was originally on a path to earn her nursing degree but soon realized that her desire…