IN 2009, SEVEN PASTORS AND THE ARCHDIOCESE OF MIAMI undertook a process to close their Catholic schools and allow public charter schools to operate in their newly empty school buildings. Sparked by the unique vision of one parish priest, the dedication of the Archdiocesan facilities manager, and the strength of a charter school support services organization, these priests turned the tragic closure of Catholic schools serving low-income neighborhoods—and the potential closure of the parishes themselves—into an opportunity for renewal.

This case study chronicles Miami’s experience—the hopes, concerns, missteps and early results—and it distills lessons for others struggling to sustain their urban Catholic schools. This is the second in a series of reports commissioned by Seton Education Partners to provide credible information to Catholic leaders, educators, and lay supporters about the use of charter school laws and other public financing options to serve the poor in the Catholic tradition.

By Dana Brinson  published on 06/25/2020  Download complete PDF