Join Seton in #livinghope

Now, more than ever, we need to be reminded that in times of darkness, we are called to be light to the world—through prayer, yes, and also through sacrifices both large and small for the good of others. By sharing stories of those #LivingHope in our community and yours, we hope others are inspired to do likewise. 

We know you are already doing incredible things in your communities—please join us in sharing them! Here are 4 ways you can participate.

  1. Participate on social media!
  • Follow us online, and encourage your communities to as well. You can find us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn. We will be sharing stories of #LivingHope regularly over the coming weeks.
  • Share stories of Living Hope in response to the current crisis on social media. Use the #LivingHope hashtag and tag Seton Partners (@SetonPartners).
  • Share and comment on posts from Seton Partners about #LivingHope.

2. Share your stories with us!

  • In addition to sharing your stories on social media, if you have any stories of #LivingHope—big or small—we’d love to hear about them from you over email. Be on the lookout for examples of the goodness people are living out through their small kindnesses and sacrifices in the current crisis. We will try to share as many of these as possible with our audiences as well.
  • Send the stories and any associated photos/videos to

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4. Help families by Giving #LivingHope at home.