How St. Oscar Romero’s Intercession Led Cassidy Miller to the Classroom

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Cassidy Miller, second from the left, along with three of the four other Fellows assigned to Romero Academy at Resurrection for the 2021-22 school year.

Meet Cassidy Miller, pre-K and 1st grade teacher at Romero Academy in Cincinnati. Cassidy was originally on a path to earn her nursing degree but soon realized that her desire to work with youth would not be fulfilled through a nursing role. She switched her major to psychology and was able to take courses that brought her into the school setting where her love for teaching began to take root. 

In the fall of 2018, Cassidy attended the canonization of St. Oscar Romero, not knowing she would be assigned to a school bearing his name for a year of service just a few years later. 

“At the time I had no idea the direction my life was going to take, and honestly, I was not trusting that God’s hand would guide me to the ‘right’ place in life. Almost three years later, I serve as a missionary in a school named after Saint Oscar Romero himself and I am confident that teaching is the right path for me!”

Tell Us about Your Experience at St. Oscar Romero’s Canonization

“In the fall of 2018, I was blessed to study abroad in Rome, Italy. A few months into the semester, one of my friends mentioned that she had extra tickets for a canonization in the Vatican and, without any hesitation, I jumped at the chance to join thousands of other Catholics gathered together to praise God and pray to the newest saints. Honestly, I had no idea who was being canonized; I was just thrilled to be there. Once we arrived in St. Peter’s Square, I kept seeing flashes of blue and white everywhere. Soon, it was brought to my attention that most of the people around us were there for Oscar Romero. I did not know it at the time, but he would turn out to be a major intercessor in my life from that point on.”

How Did You Decide to be a Seton Teaching Fellow?

“Helping young minds discover the world around them and the love that the Father has for them inspired me to dive deeper into the vocation of teaching. When I was discerning post grad life, I knew I wanted to give more of myself than I have in the past, and in a way that also incorporated my faith. Seton is a beautiful combination of faith, education, and service and was the obvious choice for me.”

How Have You Seen St. Oscar Romero’s Intercession in Your Life—Especially in Regards to Your Teaching Journey?

“St. Oscar Romero has led me to my place as a Fellow so I am fully confident that he has been an intercessor in my life! I changed my major soon after the canonization, and by praying to St. Romero I have found great solace and peace in my current teaching role. His call to ‘Be More’ has pushed me, both in and out of the classroom, to strive for holiness, joy, and Heaven.”

Tell Us What a Typical Day in the Classroom Looks Like

“In pre-K, a typical day consists of energy, excitement, and sometimes (joyful) chaos. Our children get really excited by music, so I try to incorporate song and dancing into lessons. First graders bring a deeper level of maturity to the classroom, but they still have light and innocent hearts that bring so much joy to the learning environment. They are always eager to learn and have shown me an incredible desire to be close to the Lord. One first grade scholar, after prayer, mentioned that he was ‘praying to God with his whole heart.’ Their childlike dependence on God encourages me to look at Christ with open hands and an innocent heart.”

Any Last Thoughts You’d Like to Share?

“Please pray for my students, and pray that the Holy Spirit can fill me up to teach them as best as I can. St. Oscar Romero, pray for us!”