Free Will and Error in the Classroom

To be an authority in the classroom requires authenticity, and that includes choosing to acknowledge our mistakes. Teaching students the gift of error, and how to respond freely and virtuously to it, is a necessary facet of the Christian experience.

The Loss of Mystical Prayer

There are many social issues that get touted as "the greatest problem facing the Church today," but the Church faithful often fail to see the spiritual drought at the root of these concerns.

A Year of Service, A Year of Love

By: MaryJane Plote, a member of STF Cohort 4 | MaryJane graduated from the University of Dallas in 2017 and joined Seton Teaching Fellows as a 4th grade teacher. Upon the completion of her missionary year with STF, she entered University of Dayton's Pastoral Ministry Program, where she is working in campus ministry & on her masters degree. Seton Teaching Fellows will forever be blessed by Ms. Plote's love and dedication to the children she served, her coworkers, & her community members.