Our partners are a critical part to creating disciples in this world and saints in the next!

In addition to partnering with Seton Teaching Fellows, who teach our catechism and enrichment classes, El Camino has an innovative partnership with Brilla Public Charter Schools, a collection of high-performing charter schools in The Bronx.

El Camino is also thrilled to partner with several other local organizations. These include:

Franciscan Friars and sisters of the renewal

We have a growing partnership with the Franciscan Friars and Sisters of the Renewal in the South Bronx. They celebrate masses for us, serve as confessors, and provide faith formation and spiritual direction to our staff.

Sisters of Life

Sisters of Life teach our El Camino disciples and provide faith formation and spiritual direction to our staff.

World Youth Alliance

El Camino partners with the World Youth Alliance to implement the Human Dignity Curriculum, a program that focuses on personal development based on respect of one’s own human dignity and the dignity of others. Each lesson focuses on the “big picture” theme of how a proper understanding of the human person leads to human flourishing—helping students to understand and develop healthy habits, good decision-making skills, and a strong sense of meaning and purpose. At our middle school campus, we implement TeenFemm and TeenMen, a sexual education module that provides seven hours of instruction on achieving human excellence in personal behaviors and choices. The HDC is intended as an alternative to existing sexual education programs, which are often confused and wholly inadequate.