Love is a Choice

From money, to masters, to mission—Shannon Griffin shares how she discovered STF while pursuing an M.A. in economics. Her studies and interests found an intersection in STF, and Shannon found God in the margins.

Grateful for Interruptions: A Thanksgiving Reflection on Matthew 25

This Thanksgiving, as we share our gratitude for all the blessings we've been given, STF Abby Burns reflects on the gifts in her year of service. Chief amongst sanctifying blessings in life is the way that the Lord stretches and forms our hearts for the gospel. In this blog post, Ms. Burns shares how her year of service has stretched her heart to find Christ in other people and the everyday interruptions she experiences.

The Loss of Mystical Prayer

There are many social issues that get touted as "the greatest problem facing the Church today," but the Church faithful often fail to see the spiritual drought at the root of these concerns.

Cultivating My Small Field for Christ

“We cultivate a very small field for Christ, but we love it, knowing that God does not require great achievements but a heart that holds back nothing for self!” - St. Rose Phillipene Duchesne.