10 Reasons Why You Should Apply!

10 Reasons Why You Should Apply!

1. Your dishes are done, your inbox looks pristine, and you’ve even caught up on thank you notes. Need a new way to procrastinate your senior thesis? Apply to be a fellow!

2. Because the tacos in the Bronx are the bomb – and much cheaper than a plane ticket south.

3. Georgia O’Keeffe, J.K. Rowling, Art Garfunkel, and STING were all teachers once. Join the ranks & apply.

4. Listen to Mark Twain: “Make your mark in New York and you are a made man.”

5. The coolest God thing just happened and your roommates are gone, your family won’t answer your phone; you need to share it, so write all about your love for the Father on your fellow application.

6. Mardi Gras is right around the corner, and we don’t want any applications fogging your head as you try to scarf pounds of buttery pancakes before the 40 days begin.

7. Appease your parents, aunts, teachers, and all who care about your next year with a stellar answer: “Why, yes, I do have plans; I just finished an application to teach underprivileged children in New York City.”

8. Need an excuse to splurge on a nonfat, extra shot, fancy pants latte? Grab your laptop and plant yourself at the local, hipster, caffeine joint to finish that application. You deserve that drink.

9. Even St. John Paul II agrees, New York is the capitol of the world. Work within a mile of five churches, a community of CFRs, and a subway ride away from more Catholic Young Adult groups than you can handle.

10. New York City? New friends? Getting kids to Heaven? Not sure why you haven’t applied.