A Day in the Life with Ms. Paige Nicklas

A Day in the Life with Ms. Paige Nicklas

Paige Nicklas is a Cohort 8 Seton Teaching Fellow hailing from McKinney, Texas. She graduated last May from Stephen F. Austin State University with a Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies – Elementary Education. Paige serves with joy and energy at Brilla Veritas Elementary School in the South Bronx as a 1st grade fellow during the school day, and as a 1st grade catechist at the El Camino extended-day program. She agreed to let us join her during one of her days teaching and serving as a Seton Teaching Fellow. Watch and read along to see how the life of a Seton Teaching Fellow is filled with prayer, work, teaching, rest, and fellowship in community.

7:30 AM I pray the Liturgy of the Hours before I start my day!

7:50 AM I walk to school with my community member, Annie, and another fellow, Jack, and pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

8:00 AM I put bags in the fellows’ room and say good morning to the other fellows who work at Brilla Veritas.

8:15 AM I support the 1st grade Harvard classroom. While the co-teachers teach Targeted Literacy Block small groups, I help and support the rest of the class while they are doing computer work.

10:00 AM I move to 1st grade Siena to work with Phonics pull out groups. I work with a small group of students who need differentiated instruction. 

11:45 AM – 12:45 PM The other fellows and I take a lunch and mass break.

  • 12 PM Mass at St. Anselm’s Church
  • 12:30 PM Lunch 

12:45 AM – 1:35 PM This is the 1st grade prep period while students are participating Fine and Applied Arts classes

  • Thursdays: 1st grade Grade Level Meeting with the rest of the 1st grade team.

1:35 PM Support 1st grade in the Monroe classroom during math

3:00 PM Meeting with the other fellows on my campus.

  • Monday El Camino Internalization
  • Tuesday El Camino meeting with site manager
  • Wednesday Teach backs with instructional coach 
  • Thursday Fellows team bonding

3:45 PM El Camino begins!

5:45 PM El Camino ends!

6:00 PM We all finish classroom cleanup and walk home.

7:00 PM I eat dinner on my own or with my community members.

9:00 PM Community prayer