Teach my Lambs

Why say yes to Seton Teaching Fellows? This blog post from an incoming Fellow, Rebecca Delcambre, shares how she experienced a call from Christ to deeper service and living trust.

“What Would happen if You Just Let Go of fear?”

During the spring semester of my senior year of college, I spent many weeks writing applications and cover letters to every and any local school with an opening in my licensure area. Throughout this process, I felt no peace. At every turn, there was just something in my spirit that wouldn’t settle. When I came across yet another post from STF on a Sunday morning in March, I reacted reflexively with my own plan: “God, I don’t need that, I know what I’m doing.” At that moment, pushing back on God, something changed in me. My heart finally opened to Him, and I felt Him gently say “No, you really don’t.” For the first time, I listened to that nudge.

For Freedom You Were Set Free: Lessons From a First Year Teacher

This special reflection comes from Cohort 9 STF Anna Stevenson. Anna, who studied English and education at the University of Dallas, shares some of the hard-earned fruits of her first year as a middle school teacher. Are you new to teaching? Wondering what education and mission work might have in store for you? See the eight lessons Anna has to share with new teachers in this blog post.

I Am Not Worthy

This reflection is from Anna Donnelly, a Cohort 9 Seton Teaching Fellow. Anna served in our founding Catholic school, Romero Academy at Resurrection, where she taught Catechism and literacy blocks. We are blessed to share that Anna will be joining her community members as one of the founding teachers at our second school in Cincinnati, Ohio: Romero Academy at Annunciation. In this meditative reflection on grace and the movement of God in our lives, Anna shares the trust she has in the Lord and the mystical ways in which He works through us. 

Building the Communion of Saints

I first found out about Seton Teaching Fellows over three years ago. The aspect of the mission that grabbed my heart and pulled my attention more than anything else was hearing stories about the beautiful children who would receive the Sacraments and be brought into the Church through our Catechism classes: El Camino. What was even more inspiring is the fact that children would go home and bring this gift to their families—our disciples bring prayer to the home and have even asked their parents to be baptized and join the Church. When I encountered this reality it gave me chills (and still does to this day).

Living Simply

While I was yet discerning and preparing for my possible year as a Seton Teaching Fellow, I distinctly remember reading that Fellows “live simply” and instantly panicking. There are a number of things that inspire a life of simplicity—detachment from money, vastly reducing your possessions, seeking necessity over luxury, placing people before comfort—and to a young person considering entry into the professional world this doesn't often seem attractive. Despite concerns around self-denial, I was drawn to the mission of the New Evangelization and I said yes to Seton Teaching Fellows. I then braced myself for what I thought would be a year of discomfort and—reluctantly, I admit—left half of my wardrobe behind as I packed up to move to the Bronx.

Charity is a Gift of the Risen Lord

The formation and education I received throughout life taught me the head knowledge of the Catholic faith. It was a gift—a valuable and important thing for a young man to have. However, it was an incomplete education because I lacked the heart knowledge which directs our faculties in charitable ways; it wasn’t until I became a Seton Teaching Fellow that I really started working towards the gift of Charity.

Grateful for Interruptions: A Thanksgiving Reflection on Matthew 25

This Thanksgiving, as we share our gratitude for all the blessings we've been given, STF Abby Burns reflects on the gifts in her year of service. Chief amongst sanctifying blessings in life is the way that the Lord stretches and forms our hearts for the gospel. In this blog post, Ms. Burns shares how her year of service has stretched her heart to find Christ in other people and the everyday interruptions she experiences.

The Faith at Romero Academy: School Highlight

The Faith at Romero Academy: School Highlight
Mr. John Lane, principal of Romero Academy at Resurrection

This fall, the Seton Teaching Fellows recruitment team packed up and headed down to Cincinnati where we had a chance to visit with students, staff, and families at Romero Academy. We encountered an inner city Catholic school where a young and dedicated staff from varying backgrounds came together to support a unified vision of uplifting education immersed in the Catholic faith.

Man’s Need for Mission

Men are made to be leaders; they have the natural authority of fatherhood in their essence. When men are on mission, they pursue and serve what is good and communities flourish. Here's a call for young men to see what they have to give and receive by serving on mission.